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Our Cookies

When it comes to Chomp a’Lomp, it’s what’s inside that counts. Each box of Chomp a’Lomp cookies contains a handwritten note and twelve soft, delicious ginger cookies. That’s not even the best part. Four of those cookies have fondant with professionally applied food colouring, which can be personalized for almost any occasion.
You don’t look (or sound) like bakers. Can I trust that these cookies taste as good as they look?
We’re definitely not bakers, in any sense of the word. We don’t want to burn our business down, nor would we want to subject anyone to anything we might bake. That’s why we get our cookies from the real professionals. In fact, we’ve partnered with the best bakery in Calgary: Dutch Pastry Boutique. They’ve been crafting delicious baked goods for over thirty-three years and have mastered cookies.
What type of cookies do you offer?
We we offer both chocolate chip and ginger cookies depending on the season and by special request! Please contact us directly to find out what's in store this week. Here is our contact information!
You say four are topped with fondant. Doesn’t fondant taste bad?
We use only the best when it comes to our fondant, and we have to say it tastes pretty darn good! Not a fan of icing in general? No problem! Carefully remove the fondant, then dry it on top of your refrigerator for a few weeks. Once dry, simply drill a hole in the top, put it on a loop of string and make a necklace. You’re welcome for that. #lifehack
The cookies look too good to be true. How do you get the designs on the cookies? Magic?
It’s nice of you to say our cookies look amazing! While we are huge fans of magic and all things Harry Potter, sadly we are Muggles. In lieu of magic, we use a state-of-the-art overhead food colour applicator, which, unlike magic, is approved by the CFIA. And don’t worry—the machine never actually touches the cookies, so there’s no chance of contamination between our Christmas and Hanukkah cookies.
OK, so it’s not magic, but how do I know that you aren’t decorating them in your kitchen at home?
We operate in an AHS-inspected food handling facility, dedicated solely to the preparation of Chomp a’Lomp cookies. No need to fill your head with nightmares about some random stranger’s dirty kitchen. We’re not strangers, we’re your friends!
I have special dietary restrictions. Is there anything you can do?
Yes, absolutely! Please contact us directly for special orders. Here is our contact information! Or if you prefer, we are still willing to honour our original offer of shipping you an empty box, guaranteed to be free of dairy, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, shellfish, soy, fish, peanuts and cookies. These empty boxes are great for crafting your own special treats and then gifting them to others, while appearing like a super pro.
Stale cookies make me insane with rage. How long do your cookies stay fresh?
We feel the same way about stale cookies, which is why our cookies are individually wrapped to keep them fresh. Chomp a’Lomp cookies should stay fresh for up to two weeks if they are kept in their wrappers at room temperature. If you decide to remove them from the wrappers and display them for all to see, then they should stay fresh for about three days. But seriously, what are the chances that they will last that long uneaten?
Your cookies aren’t cheap. Why do you charge that much?
You’re right, our cookies aren’t the same price as what you might find in the grocery store, but we like to think we offer a higher-quality product. Every box of Chomp a’Lomp cookies is handmade, using only the best ingredients. Also, unlike store-bought cookies, a box of Chomp a’Lomp cookies is an experience that will create a lasting impression anywhere it goes.
I love cookies! Do you offer any price breaks for large orders?
I see you love cookies just as much as we do! If you’re considering a large order for an event or company promotion, please contact us directly and we can work out the details. If you just love sending Chomp a’Lomp cookies to your friends, you should also contact us. We love binge givers just as much as we love cookies.
What is the best way to contact you?
Here is our contact information! You can call us and leave a message at any time, or send us an email! We will be waiting by the phone to answer your calls Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Mountain Time). We also try to respond to every email within 24 hours.