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What you’re really getting when you support small, local businesses and their handmade products

by Emily Beers January 21, 2019

What you’re really getting when you support small, local businesses and their handmade products

Emily Beers, Manager of Social Mayhem, Lover of free speech, cookies and cynicism

Appreciating handmade products...

Human beings are strange: Most of us enjoy finding a good deal and saving money, but we’re often also more than willing to pay way too much for something we really, really want—like an $18 poolside drink in Las Vegas. Or for something we really, really value—like $10-a-pound for organic, grass-fed chicken breast. Why else would Whole Foods (aka Whole Pay Cheque) exist? Seriously, have you ever spent less than $35 at the salad bar alone for one lunch?                         

On the same token, many people like the idea of supporting local businesses, which usually means buying handmade products instead of mass produced ones. Sometimes, though, buying homemade products all the time can be hard to justify, as the cost of a handmade scarf is likely considerably more expensive than a Joe Fresh one, mass produced and overseen by underpaid workers in Bangladesh. (For the record, I’m not trying to guilt trip. Joe Fresh makes super duper comfortable lounge wear that gets the best of me, too).

But the moment you see the value in what you’re really paying for and receiving from buying homemade products, the easier it can be to justify the usually higher cost. And chances are, doing so will make you feel pretty good about yourself, too.

Insert point into the happiness column!

What you think you’re paying for when you buy homemade:

• A product that you want/need

What you’re actually paying for:

• Time spent on designing and searching for needed materials:

You wouldn’t believe how much time we have spent at Chomp a'Lomp sourcing the best, most high quality and cost-effective ingredients for our always-freshly baked ginger and chocolate chip cookies. So. much. time.

• The actual creation of the product:

In our case, there are no assembly lines firing off tens of thousands of cookies. Instead, real humans in Calgary, B.C. can be caught happily mixing, beating, forming and baking your cookies and them stamping them with your unique brand.

• Hour of trial and errors, of failures and eventual successes:

We weren’t always cookie masters. It took a ton of experimenting to get our products market ready, and ready to take over the cookie world.

• Weeks and months of frustrations, including lots and lots of tears (don’t worry, we don’t ever cry into the cookie batter):

We are still learning, but it’s certainly not always a sugary and sweet adventure navigating our way through the ins and outs of running a cookie business, not to mention keeping up with the ever changing world of online sales.

• A piece of someone’s heart:

You just won’t ever feel like you got a piece of someone’s heart when you buy a box of Oreo’s from the grocery store. But when you receive your very own box of Chomp a'Lomp cookies in the mail, it’s so obvious the care that went into that unique box designed specifically for you.

Not only that, but homemade items and small businesses usually have a personal story behind them, a purpose and inspiration for their existence. We are no exception. Being a part of someone’s story will warm your heart, which is priceless, in our opinion.

• Supporting an artist and a real human being:

Do you ever feel like you’re coming home with a true piece of art when you buy something from Walmart? Ever feel like you’re helping make a difference in one person’s life? Didn’t think so. But when you support local small businesses and buy homemade products, you’re doing just this: Making a difference for a real human being.

For those of you who buy homemade products, amidst a sea of mass produced junk, all the time, and who have purchased our cookies specifically, thank you. It’s a huge compliment. Thank you for being part of our story.


Emily Beers
Emily Beers


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