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The very first post

by Abagail Vanmerlin July 27, 2016

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Like have you noticed how close Chistmas is?  And the really crazy thing is that it keeps getting close and closer with each passing day, it is funny how that works.  And if you are like me you have figured out about 1/2 of your gifts - we dont want to help you with those ones.  We have some good solutions for the gifts you currently have no idea what on earth you are going to get them.

The good news is that we have cookies, because a holiday letter about my family sucks.

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Abagail Vanmerlin
Abagail Vanmerlin


Hello Internet world, I’m Abagail. I live in Calgary, Alberta, with my husband and three children. I'm a wildly passionate entrepreneur and a lover of life! I am an adventurer, a want-to-be world traveller, and an aspiring extreme athlete. I am also an admirer of beautiful graphic design, witty copy, stunning packaging and strategic branding. I love these things because I’m a creative at heart. Whether it’s dance, drama, writing, stone carving or visual design, I have dedicated my life to the arts, and my latest creative endeavour is Chomp a’Lomp. Personally and professionally, I now have the opportunity to spread more love and laughter in this world and be a positive force for good.